Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California


This is my first blog, so forgive me for any technical blunders.

Why the blog?  Simple.  Because I love riding, I love motorcycles and I really love the places a motorcycle can take me. (or you)  As I've gotten older, riding has kept me healthy, happy, and at some periods in my life, sane.

Motorcycles have allowed me to witness, learn and feel many things.  I've seen wild mustangs running by my side in Baja. I've watched camels roam the Sahara.  I've pushed my mechanical limits wrenching on bikes and I've pushed my personal limits, riding and racing in challenging circumstances.  

This blog will be a dump of sorts, dedicated to all things motorcycle adventure related.  Photos, thoughts, ideas, past memories and future dreams will all be a part of it.  If you enjoy it, great.  If it leads you to ride more, even better.  But if it motivates you to do something you've never done or take the ride you've never taken, that would be the best!  

Welcome to Adventure Rider Dude.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dakar Rallye - Luca Manca

The world needs people like Luca Manca. Yesterday, while holding a top ten position in the Dakar rallye, Luca Manca stopped to help a fellow competitor. Marc Coma, defending Dakar rallye champion, had a rear wheel problem and needed a wheel. Manca, not on the same team, happen to be riding the same KTM 690 bike. He realized the rallye meant more to Coma's career than his own and, in an act of pure kindness, Manca gave Coma his rear wheel so Coma could continue. In an awful twist of fate, less than 24 hours later and earlier today, Manca had a terrible crash at very high speed. With a fractured skull, the friendly 29 year old Italian is in critical condition. Please pray for Luca and his family. The world will be a better place with him here.


  1. When I saw the story and footage of him sharing with Coma I got a lump in my throat. I thought to myself, this man is a true competitor with a gift of grace. Manca no doubt still wanted to win but only in the cleanest way possible, and that by affording his rival every advantage.

  2. Well said Pastor G$. Manca is a class act and an example we can all follow.